The MVRO 10-step roadmap

Know what you get and get what you need. Our approach is based on the Lean method: processes are continuously reviewed and adjusted where necessary, ensuring the project is implemented efficiently and waste is eliminated.


1 Concept Development: From idea into concept

You have a rough idea of what your store should look like. Or maybe you already have a concept, but need some objective advice as to how best implement it. At MVRO we have the specialists who translate ideas into ready concepts and concepts into great store designs.

2 Project Definition: Knowing your requirements

Defining a project involves listing to your wishes, expectations, aims, budget and requirements. These aspects are leading in drawing up a subsequent project design.


3 Project Design: From the drawing board to a design

Your idea or concept is translated into a project design based on your requirements. In order to make sure there are no surprises at the end, we conduct extensive research and survey data of the existing situation. No detail is left behind.



4 Budget: Matching requirements and costs

Once the definitive design is ready, design and budget are matched. We can help you complete your renovation in a number of ways:

– Project management
Delegate full management of your project to MVRO. We make sure your project is delivered as agreed. We take care of the complete renovation: ensuring all permits are in place, dealing with project partners, monitoring the budget and monitoring project progress.

Your benefits:

  • Carefree renovation – We take care of the complete renovation process
  • Clear costs – Complete, upfront transparency in costs
  • On-time completion – Open shop or resume business fast
  • No paper work – We ensure the necessary permits are in place
  • Sustainable solutions – We advise you on crucial decisions

– Turnkey project implementation with MVRO as main contractor
Get your project delivered as turnkey project by appointing MVRO as main contractor. What this means? Once all estimates – in line with your budget – from partners have been received, a mark-up percentage for our services is agreed with you. As main contractor we then take over all financial responsibility for project completion.

Your benefits:

  • Turnkey – Ready-to-operate store
  • Peace of mind – From design to completion we take care of everything
  • No financial risk – This is carried by us
  • No surprises – What we agree is what you get
  • Clear costs – Complete, upfront transparency in costs
  • On-time completion – Open shop or resume business fast

– Advice and sub-projects
For smaller projects or if you’re looking for expertise and advice to supplement any work done or prepared by the client.


5 Permits and facilities: Getting the ‘must haves’ in place

Before any project can kick off there’s always the hurdle of red tape of legislation and regulations that needs to be taken. We have long-standing experience in carrying out surveys – including asbestos surveys – and in acquiring the necessary permits to ensure your project can get started. We’ll also check that utility connections are fit for use.


6 Cost estimate: Linking retail to the builders

In this phase, MVRO will work out the definitive design in detail, based on the list of requirements and the budget. We draw up all necessary documents in such a way that they are suitable for estimates to be requested from building partners.


7 Preparing and performing work: Implementation and planning to the max

As soon as the engineering estimate is approved and a definite price is known, we start planning the required activities. We do so in collaboration with our building partners and the client. In this way we ensure the project is carried out in strict adherence to the time plan and quality requirements. We supervise project progress based on client wishes: on a daily basis or at intervals.


8 Completion and acceptance: Nothing but the best result

Completion and project acceptance are conducted after every renovation. Together with the client we identify any snags. MVRO ensures these snag lists are seen to by the building partners within the agreed upon timeframe.

9 Defects liability work: Our ‘no worries’ guarantee

As soon as the renovation work is completed, MVRO carries out a final check to make sure all the work has been carried out according to project specifications. We also check that all warrantees are in place and building and renovation documents and drawings are complete and properly filed.

10 Service & maintenance: Open all hours

No matter how sustainable the building process has been, a store needs looking after. MVRO can draw up a long-term maintenance schedule for when your guarantee period has ended. The actual maintenance and service is carried out by one of our professional partners under our supervision.

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